Henrik Vibskov, clothes design

henrik Vibscov henrik Vibscov 2

Henrik Vibskov is a Danish fashion designer. Vibskov has a fashion label under his own name, and also designs accessories. He also does interior design and is active as a musician. His work is considered part of the “New Nordic Movement”, a term to describe 21st century design in various media as practiced by designers from Northern European countries. (Wikipedia)

“Pattern T-shirts, colored socks, checked fabrics, folk-inspired ponchos and colored pants all combine to produce surprising, highly unconventional collections that resist categorization. Henrik is a unique artist that marches energetically to his own drummer in many of his presentations.”(Eceiza, Laura (1 September 2010). Atlas of Fashion Designers.)

He is also most commonly known by his <<twisted yet tantalizing universes created in relation to each collection! “Panopticon And On”, “The Transparent Tongue”, “The Stiff Neck Chamber”, “The Bathtub Observer” and “The Spaghetti Handjob” are just a few titles of shows>>. (http://www.copenhagenfashionweek.com/designer/henrik-vibskov).

He runs PIG Foundation  (Practical Intelligent Genius).


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